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At first glance, Interline Munich may seem like a relatively young company. We officially opened our doors in 1995. However, Interline's base here in Munich grew out of a regional enterprise - Volk Limousine - whose tradition and success in Southern Germany stretches back to the mid-1950s. So if you look at it from that angle, we're probably one of the proverbial "old hands" among the 11 locations operated by the Interline Network in Germany.

This fact hasn't given us reason to feel in any way complacent. On the contrary, the region's economic expansion, our creativity and the commitment and dedication of our team have ensured steady growth and the development of new business segments, such as Eventureline GmbH, the independent specialist company for all event-related activities established in 2004.

Interline Munich is now one of the leading companies for chauffeured transportation in Bavaria. Financial services and insurance companies, industry and trade, or lifestyle, sports and fashion - we are a trusted partner that companies from all sectors of the Bavarian and the international business community turn to when it comes to providing customised solutions for chauffeuring their clients, executives or their guests.