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INTERLINE Munich is also currently available to you with driving services!

We're driving. Even through the crisis.

And we're coming to meet you! Special price conditions in pandemic times.
The pandemic may have lost its worst fear, but the restrictions will affect us all for months to come.

Adapted operating procedures

For this reason, we have adapted our operating procedures and take comprehensive safety measures to prevent infection - on every journey.

Our special offers

The INTERLINE collection and delivery service

for documents, personal purchases, individual meetings or trips to the doctor.

The Germany-wide INTERLINE Transfer Service

In times when public transport is not recommended, our transfer service is a good alternative to air, bus and train. Here, all possibilities of modern travelling and working are given during the transfer - WLAN and writing table are standard equipment in our vehicles.
In public transport, on the other hand, wearing a mouthguard, keeping a safe distance and disinfecting your hands after the transfer is recommended.

Interline employee pick-up service

We bring your employees safely to work and back. Ask us about the special INTERLINE shuttle concepts!

Are you in the risk group?

Older people and people with pre-existing conditions are particularly at risk. If you do not want to put yourself or your guests under the circumstances and risk - we offer a safe alternative to bus and train.
The safety measures necessary to prevent infection are much easier and more controlled to comply with in our vehicles than in the cramped conditions of public long-distance and local public transport.

With its 12 stations, the INTERLINE network offers complete coverage of locations in Germany.

Precautionary measures

Hygiene measures for your and our safety - we practice precaution!

During the pandemic, we are always ready to drive for you in compliance with all hygiene regulations and rules - but there is nothing more important than your health and that of our employees!
This means: our vehicles are disinfected after each passenger transport - and this is done particularly thoroughly and beyond the normal standard cleaning. We pay special attention to the sensitive areas on the vehicle - the door handles, headrests and the like.
Our chauffeurs are all permanently employed so that we can always keep a close eye on their state of health - to this end, they wear suitable respiratory masks and gloves on all journeys and are fully informed about the correct behaviour during the pandemic.

Safety distance in the vehicles

We can organise each individual trip so flexibly that the minimum safety distance is maintained - because in a limousine there are naturally fewer people in a confined space than on a plane, bus or train. This allows us to flexibly arrange wide seating: for example, in a mini-van for a maximum of 1 to 3 people and in limousines for a maximum of 1 to 2 people.